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Work With Me

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I have been fortunate to work for an organization that supports on-site Yoga classes. My co-worker “Yogis” have ranged from their 20’s to 60’s in age, and equally represent both genders. We have walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and those with more casual recreation activities, in our group. Jody has been a wonderful fit! Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to coach individuals has resulted in the largest class size we have ever experienced! Jody’s class is a great way to end an active work day – letting go of any tension or stress, and finding our mind and body balance.

- Eric Albertson, Connexus Energy


The yoga Jody provides is challenging, unique and absolutely never the same. The variety of poses and the workout can not be beat. We are always left feeling that we’ve gotten a great workout and also, that we’ve learned something new.

Jody, as a leader, exudes positivity and fun. Her extensive expertise guides us as she answers all the questions we throw at her! She is able to guide us through difficult movements with such patience and grace. It is a pleasure every time. We love her!

- Esther Sobocinski


Jody’s yoga style is very adaptable to our athletes needs. Whether the focus was on the hips, shoulders, core, or any muscle group, she always had great flow into poses and vinyasas. With the depth of detail Jody puts into explaining and performing how the poses/movements should look and feel, it made the class easy to attend. When I finished the class there was always a positive sense of accomplishment and my body felt strong and fluid.

- Paul Elsing, Acceleration Northwest


Jody led a Mindfulness session for our corporate group. She gave the group strategies to incorporate into their daily work life to help them ease their stress and improve their focus. She had a great sense of humor and utilized hands-on methods to keep the group engaged. I’d highly recommend her for a great session!

- Kim Hayes, Macy's Corporate