What do life and how I count in class have in common? They're unpredictable. Can you guess why I use erratic counting?

A) Cuing you into a safer, stronger pose is more important.
B) It's a Jedi mind trick to get you to move past what's holding you back.
C) I'm a mere human and mess up.
D) All of the above.

If you guessed D, you just earned yourself a little extra attention during final relaxation.

Here's the deal, yoga is training for life off the mat. Sometimes you know how long you're gonna have to deal with a challenging situation; sometimes you don't. How do you react under physical and mental pressure when life throws you a curveball? Do you sail through, or let some f-bombs fly in your head? Need some help? Here are action steps to clean up that potty mouth.

1. Check-in. Notice when you feel tightness in your body, get irritated, or angry. If you like that feeling, by all means carry on. If not...
2. Be proactive. Know how your best self would respond, and mimic that. Are you gonna pick testy and irrational, or steadfast and purposeful?
3. Be patient. You are in the class of life. Some things you will master quickly. Others take time, and lots of it. Keep plugging away. You'll figure it out if it's important enough to you.

Ok, just for fun, jump into plank and hold for 30 seconds. And when I say 30, I really mean 36.

Here's to finding your focus in unpredictable times!

In Health + Happiness,