Physical and mental awareness are in the top three benefits that I've gained from my yoga practice. I'm very aware of how food, people, movements, entertainment, memories, and thoughts of the future make me feel. This awareness is my gage for continuing to do something or to stop. Want to feel good more often? Here's a strategy to help strengthen your sensors which will lead you on the feeling-good-path.

The Tool: Body Scan

The scan itself couldn't be easier. At any point, you pause and scan your body to see how you are feeling physically and mentally. On a physical level, it helps you make decisions that best support your body. If something doesn't feel good, don't do it. From a mental standpoint, you begin to understand how you perceive situations and interactions. You will begin to recognize if the thoughts and reactions you are choosing are setting you up for success or sending you down the path of feeling less than stellar.

When should you scan? Often! Check in with yourself. Establish baselines in different situations and take notes. Do you need to get off your device and rest? Rest. Do you need to stop watching shows that make you feel anxious? Stop. Do you need to spend less time with people who bring you down. Yes. Your life, you choose. Scan. Take notes. Then take action that supports your well-being.

Cheers to building your mind-body awareness and taking action to feel good more often!