We all agree that we feel awesome after yoga. Unfortunately, we get in a mindset that we have to be in a studio, for 60+ minutes, and wearing stretchy pants. In order to make yoga a real part of your everyday life you need the mental re-frame that it can be done anytime, anywhere, and for mere moments. Yoga mini moments include: taking a luxurious breath to regain focus (and because it feels good, maybe a couple more), pigeon pose at your desk, balancing poses at the park with your kids, or watching the sky. The list is endless.

When + Where I Do Yoga

  1. In the shower.
  2. At a concert.
  3. In restaurants.
  4. On the couch.
  5. At my desk.
  6. In bed.
  7. Against a wall.
  8. In an airplane.
  9. At the park.
  10. During happy/sad/exciting/dull moments.
  11. On a swing.
  12. Eating.
  13. With my loved ones.
  14. With those I struggle to like.
  15. On a paddle board.
  16. Riding a bike.
  17. While running.
  18. Getting a massage.

It's all about breathing, moving, and being mindful. Show + tell time. When and where do you do yoga? Share your yoga mini moments on my Facebook page.  Don't wait for life to be fun and playful. Make it fun and playful.

Your Yoga Instigator,