We all know there are things we should do (and not do) to optimize our lives. I've created a simple 21-day challenge to help you take action and have accountability. We will begin on April 1st and wrap it up on my birthday, April 21st. (I already hear wine glasses clinking in honor of our success!)

The Details

  1. Commit to 1-3 things that will help you find more balance in your life. Think in terms of action and ease (more doing or less doing).
  2. Share your action and ease items and the why behind them on my Facebook page. Name it to claim it!
  3. Share your ups and downs. Habit forming can be frustrating and a serious mental challenge. Accountability and support is what we need. Let's be that for each other and ultimately find our balance within.
  4. Prizes, baby! The peeps who participate and share their journey will be entered into a weekly drawing for some swag that will help you find your balance. :)


Action time! Head over to my Facebook page and tell us how you're going to Spring into Balance starting April 1st. See you there!