Hey, there! What's making you really happy right now?

If you didn't have something bright and shiny come to mind within five seconds, I'm guessing you're not actively pursuing meaningful challenges, activities, or connecting with people who make you feel like a better person. So, let's fix that and set some goals and intentions for how you want to feel in all aspects of life. Don't worry, I like to keep things simple. You can figure this out in minutes. I'll show you how. 

Before I do, let's go over reasons for goal setting. 

  1. A goal is a compass guiding you along your path.
  2. It allows you to aim your attention and energy at something you desire.
  3. Resulting in faster results, personal satisfaction, joy, and more energy.

Feel free to skip the goal setting if...

  1. You're 100 percent satisfied with your physical and mental health, relationships, and career.
  2. You've surpassed your personal expectations for yourself.
  3. You're content going through the motions of life.

If, however, you're not gelling with the statements above, let's get clear on your desires. There will be no more spreading yourself thin and getting lost on things of less importance. You're gonna have a compass to guide you on a daily basis. Let's begin.

10 Second Version

Needing to recalibrate quickly? Ask yourself what you need at the moment. It could be as simple as action, ease, or love aimed at a specific result.

Five Minute Version

What does success look like in these areas of life? How does it feel? (Use the descriptive words below to spark some ideas.)

  1. Health + Body
  2. Relationships
  3. Career
  4. Emotional + Spiritual
  5. Growth + Learning


accomplished, ambitious, active, adventurous, alive, athletic, bold, bountiful, boundless, brave, bright, creative, courageous, decisive, dynamic, deliberate, dependable, determined, empowered, encouraging, focused, generous, inspired, limitless, lively, momentum, powerful, purposeful, productive, strong, successful, vibrant, vigorous, wild


accepting, adaptable, balanced, calm, calming, capable, centered, clear, clear headed, clarity, confident, content, comfortable, delightful, equanimity, flexible, free, freedom, gentle, graceful, grounded, harmony, healthy, mindful, peaceful, playful, prosperous, receptive, relaxed, rested, reliable, safe, whimsical, whole


accessible, acknowledged, adored, affectionate, appreciation, beautiful, compassionate, connection, creative, delight, dedicated, devoted, grateful, joyful, lit up, love, luminous, nourished, open, passionate, positive, radiant, soulful, thankful, thoughtful, valuable


Condense your list to just a handful of words that you can come back to again and again. Here are mine: vibrant, connected, centered, and limitless.

Action Plan

Now that you have your goal words, determine specific actions you can take in each area of life listed above. Action turns intention into reality. 

Set Reminders

Make living a life of intention a priority. Set an alarm on your phone with your words. Remind yourself twice daily. Make efforts toward your goals to find a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Write down the top three actions you'll accomplish each day. I keep track of mine in my Five Minute Journal app. Feel free to use whatever works best for you. Now is the time. You've got this, Goal Getter!

In Aspiration + Growth,