I am on a mission to keep your shoulders in tip-top shape. I know far too many yogis and athletes with shoulder issues. As a baby yogi (think pre-teaching days), I injured both shoulders from poor form. Let me help you avoid doing the same.

Instructions for setting a strong shoulder girdle:

  1. Draw your arms into their sockets.
  2. Press into your hands.
  3. Hug your forearms together.
  4. Draw your shoulders away from your ears.

Shoulder tips for your flow:

  1. From plank, shift your heart forward an inch. Lower into chaturanga (crocodile) by bending your elbows and keeping the rest of your body tight. This will stop your chest and pelvis from sagging. Drop your chest 2-3 inches keeping your shoulder heads above your elbows. This transition utilizes the power from your muscles rather than dumping into your shoulder sockets.
  2. Break the habit of scooping your chest when moving from crocodile to up dog.  Instead, when hovering in crocodile, flip to the tops of your feet then push straight up to up dog.

There you have it! Simple tips to keep your shoulders happy + healthy. Test them out. LMK what you think. xx

Cheers to your shoulders and mine,