Let's be real. We all have our pissy, unhappy, or blah moments. Between last night and this morning, I went through one. Rather than let the funk take over your entire day, get clear on what is really upsetting you. Once clarity is found (insert angels singing here) take action. There are two actionable ways to fix this. Change the situation, or change the way you think about it.

What's your gripe? Traffic, a tedious chore, irritating co-workers, insensitive loved ones? For me, an easy example of this was my dreaded dishwasher duty. Silly. I know. But for a while it really drove me nuts. My internal dialogue consisted of some serious bitching. I got sick of hearing myself complain so much that change was due.

Flip the Mental Switch

  1. Recognize the negative attitude.
  2. Determine if you can change the situation. If yes, get on it! If not...
  3. Bring on the gratitude. Inundate the trigger with love.

Traffic: Love your commute. Load up on audiobooks. Be grateful that you have a car that works/is comfortable/keeps you from having to walk everywhere! Stopped at a light or stuck in traffic? Rock your breathing techniques and relax your shoulders. Ah, much better.

Tedious chores: The dreaded dishwasher became my best buddy because of the convenience it provided. No dishpan hands here.

Co-workers + loved ones: When people are the source of your disdain, you must focus on what they do really well. No one is perfect, so cut them some slack. Cut yourself some by remembering in what ways they shine. Mentally, keep circling back to that.

Don't let your daily irritation bring everyone down, including yourself. Remember it is a simple signal that something needs to change. The situation itself, or your attitude around it.

If this helped you simplify how to deal with your "mental moment" and you think it could help someone you know, please pass it along.

In Health + Happiness,