I've been getting a ton of questions on what I use to roll with so here's the skinny... I got my hubby this foam roller as and gift and he loves it. It is super durable because it has a PVC-pipe-type core. This will last you for quite some time. You can find it here.

You all know how much I love my therapy balls. We use tennis balls in class, but I personally love and use the Yoga Tune Up balls. You get two in a mesh bag which is perfect for times when you want to work both sides of the spine or cover more surface area. The texture is slightly grippy and therefore handy for the pin-and-stretch technique. You can find them online, or I sell them for $20. Let me know if you're in-need and I can hook ya up.

Get the right tools and find your ease.

In Health + Happiness, Jody