This is Part 2 of my Balance Strategies series. We live in a world where we feel a need to fill every second with people, activities, and thoughts. I’m on a mission to help you do more of what lights you up physically/mentally/socially, and less of what doesn’t. Let’s navigate this busy, yet demanding life so you can enjoy it more and stress less.

Remove time sucks from your devices. Are you spending too much time on FB, Pinterest, Instagram, or any of their counterparts? Give yourself the gift of time and remove them from your devices. I do this when I become a little to attached to one of these apps. Spend more time doing/creating/living and less time surfing/creeping/gaming.

Keep climbing/learning/growing. I am a forever student in Life 101. My hubby has asked on more than one occasion how I can read so many yoga books. I'm also passionate about healthy living, personal growth, parenting, mindsets, organization, and business strategies. Brian Johnson has helped me gain more wisdom in less time with his Philosopher's Notes. You basically get the cliff notes of numerous personal growth books. Looking to climb/learn/grow? You can check out Brian's offerings here

Mindfully indulge. As a kid, I once scarfed down a box (yes, box!) of Little Debbie snacks because we didn't typically have junk food in the house. Thankfully, my relationship with the sweet stuff has improved. I'm all about eating what I want but in a mindful way. It's simple. Use your senses to trigger your mindfulness muscle. Notice the presentation, smell, texture, and taste. This helps you to slow down, be present, and enjoy the food experience. Not inhale it.

Inner chaos creates outer chaos. Make space mentally and emotionally with a brain dump. Take 10 minutes and clear out everything that's been swimming in your head. Marie Forleo has a quick exercise that will take you out of overwhelm. It's a goodie and I use it every few weeks! Check it out.

Streamline your systems and routines. First off, no checking FB, email, or Twitter before your get a couple items off your Will Do List. Second, batch, baby! Prep your healthy snacks for a few days so they're ready to go. Make more than one meal at a time. Answer your emails at a specific time each day, not as they come in. (Your notifications are turned off, right??) Set specific days/times for tasks. I get my grocery shopping and errands done on Mondays. Tuesdays are for figuring out class sequencing for clients. Wednesdays are for my website and social media. You get the picture. What can you batch? Smooth out those systems!

Meditation. There is so much goodness that comes from a regular meditation practice. Meditation options include: following your breath, scanning your body, chakra balancing, repeating mantras, and so much more. Do what feels good as this is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Check out for some soothing sounds with a peaceful view. They also have a timer so you don't have to peek (you're welcome). 

Practice radical acceptance. We've covered utilizing our senses to seal in delightful moments. Now let's consider accepting life "as is" rather than resisting what you cannot or choose not to change. Today my car died. Then my phone died while discussing the matter with my hubs. To top it off I realized that I had someone else's license while waiting. Rather than being irritated, I was grateful that I've never had an issue with my car before. I was thankful that I was able to alert my hubby before my phone died. And now I'm happy that I get to see a friend to get my license back. To practice radical acceptance, start small and think in terms of unfavorable weather, sitting in traffic, or dealing with a minor illness. Then when the major thing goes down, hopefully, you're able to handle it with a little more grace and ease.

Do you have a balance strategy that improves your day-to-day? I'd love to hear it. Let's get better together.

In Happiness + Health, Jody