Mornings in my house are blissfully simple. We all get up when our bodies gently nudge us out of bed. Our voices are calm and sweet as we ready ourselves for the day. Breakfast is joyful as we praise each other on our kindness and table manners. Then my husband kisses me on the cheek, I wake from a dream, and my real morning begins. In all honesty, mornings can really be challenging. After much trial and error, I have carved out routines that make me feel proactive and empowered.

Monitor your thoughts

Imagine you just had a wonderful night sleep. As you begin to stir from slumber, wham! Your first thought pounces and it sets the stage for your morning, noon, and night. I hadn't even considered what type of thoughts first entered my brain until Louise Hay wrote about it. I realized my thoughts sounded like, "Ugh! Not yet!" Or, "I'm still tired." And then they would progress to the things I didn't want to do that day. No wonder so many of us are not morning people!

A simple shift is all it took to be diligent in making my first thoughts positive. My go-to thought is, "I love my bed." Let's be honest, it's just a different way of saying, not yet. It's a simple practice to set yourself up for being proactive with your thoughts, and in turn your mood.

Juice up your joints

I am a side sleeper for the most part. When I wake, my spine is stiff from lack of movement. Here are my go-to poses to get the synovial fluids flowing in my spine. Photos by KME Photography. :)


Find your focus

I have both the The Five-Minute Journal hard copy and app and I love them! The practice is easy. You write three things you're grateful for, three things that would make your day great, and your mantra (or desired feeling) for the day. It helps me get clear on what is at the top of my priority list. At the end of the day, I sum up three amazing things that happened, and what could have made the day better. Talk about a clarity meter.

Get in the zone

For me, meditation organizes all of my energy. I like to sit facing the sun so I can feel its rays on my skin. Then I close my eyes and note how the pulse of energy feels in my body. At first, it is kind of jumpy. It starts to calm as I deepen my breath and bring my attention behind the middle of my forehead. With a focused internal gaze, I notice the colors and patterns that the sunlight creates behind my eyelids. My brow and jaw start to soften, and in turn the rest of my body follows suit. I will sit 1-15 minutes. It depends on the day. Sometimes it is easy peasy. Othertimes it is ridiculously hard. If I stick with it until my mental movies have paused, I feel grounded and refreshed afterward.

Grab the techniques that speak to you. Create morning routines that give you power, rather than deplete it. No need to wait! Now is the time.

In Health + Happiness, Jody