Are you proactive or reactive on a day-to-day basis? Are you molding your life so you are in the best space for feeling happy, healthy, and alive? It's easy. Here's how.

  1. Assess: How are you feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally right now? Example: Tired. Scattered. Dull.
  2. Plan: How do you want to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally? Example: Energized. Organized. On fire.
  3. Action: Think of simple ways you can incorporate activities that will get you to that desired feeling. Example: Feed my body with healthy energizing food. Make a list of three things to finish today and do it! Play music that gets my energy up.


Time for you to Assess, Plan, and take Action. It takes just a few minutes and brings on the lovely feeling of accomplishment. Go. Play. Be productive + feel good!